Hi, my name is Miia.

I’m a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, a passionate raw foodist and an emotional healing facilitator.

I guide people toward holistic, radiant health, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

My focus is personal empowerment. True change comes from a shift in perspective where we re-own our lives as the creators that we are.

“I understand that our biggest health related challenges have their roots at our suppressed emotions. This is why it’s critical to take a holistic approach to health and lifestyle changes. We are far more than mere physical beings. We are a synergistic web of chemistry, emotions, thoughts and vibrations that all play their part in our well-being.”

My Philosophy

A commitment to total health is not an obsession. It’s a statement of self love and free will. It requires that we step outside of the popular paradigm to an unknown territory, from theories of others to personal experience. It requires us to recognize that we are not the victims of diseases, our genes or our circumstances, and to see ourselves as the creators that we are.

To commit to health is to take full responsibility of our lives, and to start reclaiming back our free will. With free will we can choose what we put into our bodies, what we say, what we think, who we believe and who we follow: the herd or our own inner guidance system?

There is no blame here, only empowerment. There are no victims, only creators.

How did I get here?

I come from a business background. In my past I was always running on a high gear with little time for reflection and recovery. Always jumping from one challenge to another and from one country to the next.

Then I got sick. I started getting rashes all over my body and heart palpitations increasingly frequently. I wouldn’t be able to sleep because my heart was racing out of my chest and I was getting hot and cold flashes and diarrhea. I would stay up until 5 in the morning, just to get up at 7:00 to go to work.

Desperate to find help that didn’t include medication, I stumbled upon the raw vegan lifestyle on YouTube. I saw tens of testimonials on how people have recovered from all sorts of degenerative illnesses using raw foods alone. I decided I had nothing to lose, and so I went raw overnight.  Read more about my detox journey on my article: “The detox nightmare that led me to Raw Veganism”.

Fast forward to this day and I have overcome all of my health issues,  and I have  gained my detox specialist certification with my teacher and role model Dr Robert Morse Nd. 

Looking back at my life in 2016, I was not in tune with my true self and direction in life. I had been living the life of others for the most part of my life. I had to admit to myself that business was not my world and never had been.

On the other hand, I have held a deep fascination for nutrition and human biology since high school, and have throughout my life relentlessely seeked avenues to spiritual growth and awareness. Now I can finally relax into the knowing that this is my path and my passion. I have also come to realize that to be able to follow our joy and our passion, we need to first feel good in our bodies. If we are physically or emotionally sick, that’s the first thing that we need to deal with, and that is my life now. I help people to overcome physical challenges and food related addictions, and I combine that with emotional healing and integration.

Wait, there is more...

My partner and I organize Cacao Ceremonies, Authentic Relating evenings and workshops where we teach different techniques of Shadow Work. We also organize retreats that focus on emotional healing, deep connection and integration. You can find all the upcoming events on my Facebook page: Journey with Miia