Hello beautiful creature.

My name is Miia. I’m a singer, and a guide for deep inner and outer healing.
I guide people back toward connection to self, where profound healing takes place, all physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I use my voice to channel shamanic melodies that allow us to feel what needs healing within ourselves and to release what is no longer needed.

I combine this with emotional healing and physical self-care, as the passionate raw foodist that I am!

“Healing is not fixing, changing our making something better. It is simply turning towards ourselves, nurturing our shadows and loving ourselves back to wholeness”

My Philosophy

A commitment to healing is not an obsession. It’s a statement of self love and free will. It requires that we step outside of the popular paradigm to an unknown territory, from theories of others to personal experience. It requires us to recognize that what ever has happened to us, we have the power to reconcile. And whatever happens from now on, is our choice, and our creation.

To commit to healing is to commit to self-love, not from a place of seeking approval from the outside, but from a place of deep compassion for our darkest parts. 

There is no blame here, only compassion. There is no good or evil, only co-creators of an eternal dance that we call life. 

About my journey...

I come from a business background. In my past I was always running on a high gear with little time for reflection and recovery. Always jumping from one challenge to another and from one country to the next.

Then I got sick. I started getting rashes all over my body and heart palpitations increasingly frequently. I wouldn’t be able to sleep because my heart was racing out of my chest and I was getting hot and cold flashes and diarrhea. I would stay up until 5 in the morning, just to get up at 7:00 to go to work.

I knew something had to change. I transitioned to raw veganism which completely transformed the way I feel in my body. This opened up a deeper connection to my emotions and I soon started practicing shadow work to heal my emotional body and inner children. Slowly, I also started gaining access to my intuitive gifts in channeling and singing.

Conscious Manifestor Session

About our events

My partner and I organize Cacao Ceremonies, Authentic Relating evenings and workshops where we teach different techniques of Shadow Work. We also organize retreats that focus on emotional healing, deep connection and integration. You can find all the upcoming events on my Facebook page: Journey with Miia